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Welcome to free to love Organisation
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Who We Are

We are non-government organization who supports and develop actions for the defense, and maintenance of quality of life of the human being. Free to Love based grass roots charity aiming to assist people in need around Sub- Saharan Africa who are the victims of poverty and natural disaster or catastrophe by supplying them with, food, clean water, clothes, medical aid, protection, soial policy, gender, innovation for children, and education.

We work with the aims to contribute to reduce of poverty by providing lifesaving education, enabling families to prevent serious diseases such as Malaria and HIV/AIDS.  Those diseases (Malaria and  HIV/AIDS) are among the main causes of death in Africa and poor sanitation plays an big role in the spread of these diseases.

What We Do


— Protect

We make sure that every single person has the right to be a safe and inclusive environment.


— Donate

We provide provide humanitarian assistance with different donation, is a gesture to express our charism and support to those in need


— Health

We provide an make sure that everyone has the right to live a better health living and with a breathe of fresh air.


— Educate

Knowledge is power therefore we make sure that everyone has the right to learn and be well educated.


— Gender

We make sure that every single boy and girl has the right to fulfill his/her potential under our guidance.


— Social Policy

We only live once therefore we make sure everyone has the right to an equitable chance in life.

Impact Stories

A Short Story By 15 Year Old John's Story

Free To Love has been a Godsend to me and has lifted my spirits. Getting necessities and home essentials donated by Free To Love is the best thing I have experienced for the longest time. Thank you all for helping me feel I can once again be a part of the holidays!

A Short Story By 17 Year Old John's Story

Thank you to Free To Love, for making “home” a place of comfort through this difficult year.